Vegas Pub Crawler: Featured Beer of the Week

What happens when three famous craft brewing companies come together to play Dr. Frankenstein with beer? Awesomeness, that’s what happens. Stone Brewing, Ecliptic and Wicked Week have collaborated to create a double IPA that is blended with a barrel-aged Belgian style tripel. This particular brew contains features of each brewery running through the bottle. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly who deserves the most credit which is why the name “Points Unknown IPA” is an appropriate name for Vegas Pub Crawler’s featured beer of the week.

Even though it is classified as a double IPA style of beer, Points Unknown is a combination of two well crafted styles of beers. A traditional style Belgian tripel was created and aged for four months inside oak barrels that have housed red wines and tequila. The three companies included a little twist in the use of blue agave added into the recipe to give it a slightly sweet taste that pairs well with the tequila notes from the barrel. One-third of the Belgian ale is combined with three-fourths of a West Coast double IPA to create Points Unknown IPA.

This particular beer is created by using magnum, styrian celeia, amarillo, calypso and jarrylo hops to add the bite of bitterness. Points Unknown IPA ranks a 72 on the IBU and has a 9.5 percent ABV. If you venture on the Stone Brewing website you will be able to see a complete breakdown of tastes, color, aroma and overall complex of the beer by brewmaster Mitch Steele. If you are wondering what pairs well with Points Unknown IPA you can get a wide range of selections from craft beer ambassador, “Dr.” Bill Sysak ranging from appetizers, entrees, desserts and even cigars.

Points Unknown can be found at your local liquor and wine establishment as well select bars in Downtown Las Vegas. When you are crawling the Downtown Las Vegas pubs, make sure to order one of this delicious brew. To check availabilities and book your Downtown pub crawl visit our website and use promo code: January2016 for $10 off.