lower alcohol tax

Booze News: Lower Alcohol Tax

Good news for alcohol fans! We’ve officially seen a lower alcohol tax law set in motion! Republican senators, with all their recent tax fiddling, have proposed a very significant tax reduction for your favorite spirits—liquor, beer, and wine. As of December 2017, it’s official. What does all this mean? Let’s

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mexican tainted alcohol

Booze News: Watch out for Tainted Alcohol in Mexico

A huge word of advice: be careful if you’re vacationing to Mexico anytime soon. There have been some horror stories from people who visit there. Now, one of our favorite pastimes is being threatened, for Mexicans and Americans alike. That’s right, the alcohol is tainted…and the Mexican tainted alcohol is

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startup alcohol policies jet employee

Booze News: Jet Employees Can’t Drink?

If you’ve ever worked for a startup company, you may have experienced their slightly lax drinking policies. No, we’re not talking about drinking coffee—that would be a necessity. We’re talking booze, baby. Jet, an e-commerce tech startup located in Hoboken, New Jersey is no exception. In fact, they tend to

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