friends enjoying drinks

6 Spectacular Tips for Surviving a Summer Pub Crawl

Nothing says “fun” like a night of flowing alcohol and debauchery. You get that on a pub crawl with friends in Las Vegas. But if you have never been on one of these interactive and entertaining evenings of frolic, you may need some bar crawl tips to make sure you

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dtlv attire

What to Wear on Your Winter Vegas Pub Crawl

By no means is there a dress code in downtown Las Vegas. In fact, you’ll see a huge variety of different cultures, celebrating different occasions with people of literally any age. In case you didn’t know, eccentricities are bit celebrated here. Regardless, if you’re looking for ideas of what to

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shepard fairey

DTLV Street Art Highlight: Shepard Fairey Mural

There are so many awesome sites to see in Downtown Las Vegas—a lot of artwork. We’re speaking, of course, about the always interesting, always wonderful DTLV street art. Artists from all over the world have left their mark in our city, big and small. You can still see some of

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animals that drink booze hound balloon

Booze Hounds: Other Animals That Get Hilariously Drunk

Did you know that Goldfish actually produce their own alcohol? Yes, Goldfish—the snack that smiles back. So, how many would you have to eat to get drunk off them? Speaking of fish, did you know that dolphins risk their lives to get a buzz off of the incredibly poisonous puffer

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dtlv people

People You’ll Meet on Your Downtown Las Vegas Bar Crawl

It doesn’t matter if you’re simply visiting Las Vegas or if you’ve lived here your whole life—we all understand by now that running into some interesting people in Vegas is inevitable. When traveling the Strip, you’ll most likely see a flood of tourists fixated like moths to the bright neon

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dtlv bars

The Booziest DTLV Bars!

You know those stupid looking three-foot long neon-colored margarita cups they sell for $20 on the Strip with only trace amounts of alcohol in them? Yeah, TOTAL rip-off. That’s why it’s our due diligence to make your Vegas shenanigans worthwhile. Some DTLV bars are not only cheap, but they’re also

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arrogant bastard beer

VPC Featured Beer of the Month: Arrogant Bastard

What’s hell bent on being aggressive, quality beer? A haughty beer existing as a statement against corporate American beer companies just trying to make a buck? A beer with undue assumption and overbearing conceit? Why, that sounds like Arrogant Bastard, a beer to try out right here in Downtown Las

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future dtlv projects

Here’s What to Expect from DTLV in the Near Future

A lot has happened since the Downtown Project started. Downtown Las Vegas has witnessed a complete transformation and recovery into something everybody can enjoy. And it’s only getting better. While we continue this upwards journey, here’s one future DTLV project after another. Future DTLV Project s Arts District plaza Downtown

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Las Vegas hidden bars

3 Hidden Pubs Downtown Keeps on the Hush

As you may already know, speakeasies were the hip, go-to hangouts in the roaring 20s during Prohibition years. Today, they are even more rare and have become cool hangout spots for hipsters and culture drinkers alike. Downtown Las Vegas has a vast number of bars for locals and visitors to

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las vegas street art snail skull

DTLV Street Art Highlight: Snail Skull

A giant slug and a smoking skull with a birds nest carved out of it. How do these things connect? At the back, apparently. Life is Beautiful is just a couple months away, so let’s take another look at one of our favorite pieces of Las Vegas street art. Las

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