The Historic Atomic Liquors

Las Vegas is known for evolving at a rapid pace with new hotels and attractions are opening up every year. It’s for this very reason that a mainstay like Atomic Liquors is such an anomaly to Sin City and a must stop on any Vegas pub tour.

Atomic Liquors in Downtown Las Vegas earned its name due to its proximity and view of the atomic testing sites of Las Vegas. Atomic Liquors is the oldest, free-standing bar in the city and is just a little ways down the road from the lively, Fremont Street Experience. The bar states that it was “established” back in 1952, but it was actually open even earlier than that. Built in 1945, Atomic Liquors used to be a restaurant called Virginia’s Cafe. According to legend, Joe Sobchik, the original owner, was tired of cooking food and he and his regular patrons felt that his atomic cocktails were a lot more interesting anyway.

Members of the famed Rat Pack would frequent Atomic nightly after finishing up at some of the nearby Fremont Street casinos as well as the legendary Barbara Streisand. After slowing and even closing down during the downturn that hit Downtown Las Vegas and the rise of the mega-resorts on The Strip, Atomic Liquors re-opened under new ownership. The new Atomic Liquors maintains a classic feel inside as well as outside, as its iconic neon bar sign still hangs proudly, signifying its presence to all of Downtown Las Vegas.

If you want a glimpse into Las Vegas’ storied past, the best way to experience Atomic Liquors is as part of your Vegas Pub Crawler experience. This icon of Las Vegas is a must stop for any bar tour of Downtown and we would love to show you and your friends the best night you’ve ever had in the historic neighborhood. Book your Downtown Las Vegas pub crawl online and get ready for a night you and your friends will never forget.