The Best Amaro Speakeasy to Spend Your Bachelor or Bachelorette party in Las Vegas

Retroscena, the coolest and newest Italian-themed speakeasy recently opened up this summer, and the reviews have been great! It’s no surprise why we’ve included them as one of our featured bars on our bar tour in downtown Las Vegas. Located in a secret location behind Radio City Pizza, this place specializes in Amaro, a bittersweet Italian liqueur. So if you’re thirsty after chowing down on some great authentic pizza, go to the back at Retroscena.

Retroscena’s hours are far from ordinary. They open at different hours throughout the week in true Speakeasy fashion. If you’re looking to start your bachelor party or bachelorette party with a calm collected environment, this is the place you should start at. It is probably one of the best spots to start your club crawl or bar tour in Downtown Las Vegas.

Also, they have the best, most plentiful Amaro selections in town for you Italian liqueur aficionados. Amaro, not to be confused with Amaretto, is a stronger, bittersweet liqueur that is often drunk by itself and on ice. But, fret not you bachelors and bachelorettes, Retroscena is a full bar and offers most drinks your palate desires, so if you’re not an Amaro fan, you’re still in luck!

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