hunter s thompson street art

DTLV Street Art Highlight: Hunter S. Thompson

Life is Beautiful has turned Downtown Las Vegas into a breathtaking site to see. If you’re visiting Las Vegas, put DTLV on your agenda to check out Las Vegas street art.

These incredible works of art come from different artists around the world. From D*Face to The Fat Jew to Banksy, DTLV is an urban museum. Today, we’ll shine the spotlight on one of Ruben Sanchez’ more popular murals of author, Hunter S. Thompson.

hunter s thompson street art

Famous DTLV Murals: Hunter S. Thompson

Dubai resident Ruben Sanchez graced the DTLV area with one of Las Vegas’s most infamous legends, Hunter S Thompson. He was a talented writer and journalist with a very obvious and uncontrollable drug and alcohol problem—something he wasn’t shy about.

The vibrantly colored image of Mr. Thompson has him holding a martini in what looks like a desert full of cacti, a bunch of bats and an odd-looking bird. Its bright colors and surreal imagery show just how quirky he is with just a touch of insanity.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

For those not familiar with the story of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, it’s a true story about the greatest (or worst) Las Vegas weekend bender in history. The story is pure chaos, as Mr. Thompson and company indulged in 24/7 drug and alcohol use. It’s a terrifying, hilarious, and hallucinogenic adventure.

The mural is distorted and surreal, just as Hunter S. Thompson’s inebriated perception of everything. This Las Vegas street art perfectly exemplifies the darker aspect of the Las Vegas party scene and just how far we can take it.

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