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Casino Rush! The History of the Gold Spike

If you’ve been downtown in Las Vegas, you’ve probably been to the Gold Spike. While it’s not easy to say that any given hotel or casino is the “most popular,” or “most famous” in Las Vegas, the Gold Spike is one of the original. By “original,” it’s one of the only original Vegas casinos still standing today. Let’s learn more about the Gold Spike history.

History of the Gold Spike

Rendezvous and renaissance

Throughout Gold Spike history, there have been a number of different names. Not many people know this, but for many years, the Gold Spike had a different name completely. Rendezvous, as it was called, was first opened in 1976 and it stayed open until 1983.

After being closed for several months for undisclosed reasons, casino owner Jackie Gaughan purchased the property the Rendezvous was located in and turned it around. After renovating and reviving it, it was reborn as the Gold Spike in 1985.

Throughout Gold Spike History, its many forms

Legendary casino owner Jackie Gaughan owned many different casinos in the area. Gold Spike was nothing special after its re-opening and rebranding. In fact, it was considered rather cheap and didn’t have a whole lot of amenities.

It remained as it was for a couple of decades. But in 2002, Jackie Gaughan decided to sell the Gold Spike to Barrick Gaming. That move was completed in 2004. Some changes were made, including getting rid of the table games and only including machines.

Later, in 2007, Gold Spike was purchased again by Greg Covin for $15.9 million. After less than a year, he sold it for $21 to The Siegel Group. After being passed along for so long, The Siegel Group decided it was time for a full renovation.

They made it modern. They made it more accessible.

Oasis at Gold Spike

Tony Hsieh bought Gold Spike from The Siegel Group back in April 2013. He had since made it one of the focal points of his Downtown Project. In a bold move, Hsieh removed the casino from the Gold Spike. He decided to turn it into a 24/7 hangout space with a bar, restaurant and backyard area. It was an innovative idea for Las Vegas, but one that has paid off. The new atmosphere at the Gold Spike has been working for it. Inside the living room area, guests will find pool tables, cornhole, shuffleboard and free wi-fi.

In the backyard area, you’ll find the unique giant beer pong game set up and a relaxing seating area to mingle with some people while sipping on a few cocktails. The bar at the Gold Spike has something for everyone with a wide selection of craft beers and handmade cocktails.

The new Gold Spike in Downtown Las Vegas is a great place to hang out, relax, party it up or even go to get some work done. Additionally, it is a must stop for people wanting to get the most out of their Vegas Pub Crawler experience. For more information on our Vegas pub tours, visit our website and book your pub crawl today!

Gold Spike History, No More

We’ve had to say “goodbye” to Gold Spike quite a few times, but this time it looks like it’s here to stay. It offers up the most unique options for fun in DTLV.

Tony Hsieh has been using Downtown Las Vegas as his playground with the Downtown Project creating and transforming the area into a fun and unique space for locals and tourists to enjoy. One favorite spot you’ll find many locals and tourists enjoying some handcrafted cocktails and oversized games are Gold Spike.

Today, Gold Spike stands as a Downtown Las Vegas hotspot for those traveling through Downtown Las Vegas.

Add the Gold Spike to Your Pub Crawl!

What was once a place to enjoy a few cheap drinks and gamble at the slot machines is now home to hipsters and those looking to lounge around with friends. While you can no longer try your luck on slot machines, you can still enjoy some delicious handcrafted cocktails at the Gold Spike bar.

The inside of Gold Spike has a lounge area where you can sip on your cocktails and interact with friends over a game of Guess Who. You can also partake in some bar games such as pool and darts.

Once you step outside into the backyard, instantly transport into an adult playground. The deck of Gold Spike houses a plethora of fun and oversized games such as trashcan beer pong, cornhole, oversized Jenga and probably the most popular sport, foursquare. On the weekends, you can even enjoy the sounds of a live band in the back and a DJ spinning in the lounge.

Gold Spike bar and hotel offers a perfect end to your eventful Downtown Las Vegas bar crawl. Book today and let us show you a great time in DTLV.