Bike Sharing Finally Rides into Downtown Las Vegas

At the beginning of the year, it was announced that bike sharing would be making its way into the Downtown Las Vegas area. After months of planning and organizing, the wait is finally over. Beginning in October, bike sharing will be available in DTLV for all to enjoy.

How Does Bike Sharing Work?

In many major cities around the country, you have the option to rent out a bike to get around and then drop it off once you get to your destination. This offers a cheap and quick solution to traveling around many urban areas. When you arrive at the docking station, you can rent out a bike and travel around DTLV to wherever you need to go. Once you arrive, you simply place the bike in the designated station and can go about your day. You do not have to worry about locking up your bike or the risk of it being stolen. This offers a solution much similar to Uber and bus transportation but with more convenience.

Details About Bike Sharing in DTLV

The RTC Las Vegas Bike Share program begins operation in Downtown Las Vegas October 7. The initial launch will include 21 locations from Bonanza, just north of Downtown Las Vegas, and extends to Sahara Avenue near the Stratosphere Casino. Throughout the next yea,r they plan to expand to 31 total stations.

When it comes to purchasing, you have three options:


  • Single Trip – You can purchase a single, 30 minute trip for $4
  • 24-Hour Trip – $8 will allow you to rent out bikes for the entire day. You will have to dock your bike every 30 minutes but can use another one immediately after if needed.
  • Monthly Pass – You will be able to have unlimited access for a month for $20. Just like the 24-hour pass, you will need to dock the bike every 30 minutes when using the service.

Biking is a great way to explore Downtown Las Vegas—we would know. Take a tour of DTLV and experience all the great places it has to offer by booking your next adventure with Vegas Pub Crawler.