All the Bars Participating in the DTLV Santa Crawl

All the Bars Participating in the DTLV Santa Crawl

On December 3, we’re hosting the DTLV Santa Crawl, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Opportunity Village. We’re excited to start this early event in Downtown Las Vegas promoting local businesses and fostering a spirit of local pride and tourism. This year, over thirty restaurants, casinos, and bars in Downtown Las Vegas will be participating in the event.

Visit These Stops on Your DTLV Santa Crawl

Many of the bars, restaurants, and shops in Downtown Las Vegas are owned and operated by Las Vegas locals. When you visit their establishments while on the DTLV Santa Crawl, you’ll let them know you support their mission.

Each bar and restaurant is offering unique discounts and drink specials to participants of the Santa Crawl. Head out with your friends to your favorite pubs and take the opportunity to venture into new places you’ve never experienced before.

Here’s the full list of bars, restaurants, and casinos participating in the DTLV Santa Crawl:

  • Artifice
  • Atomic Liquors
  • Banger Brewery
  • Bastille on 3rd
  • Beauty Bar
  • Bin702
  • Bunkhouse
  • Classic Jewel
  • Commonwealth
  • Cornish Pasty
  • Dino’s
  • Downtown Crown
  • El Cortez
  • Freedom Beat
  • Furnace Bar
  • Gold Spike
  • Hennessey’s Tavern
  • Hogs and Heifers
  • Hop Nuts
  • Huntridge Tavern
  • Le Pho
  • Micki Finz
  • Millennium Fandom
  • Mingo’s
  • Park on Fremont
  • Rebar
  • Red
  • Rick’s Tavern at Pawn Plaza
  • Sidebar
  • Turmeric
  • Vanguard
  • Velveteen Rabbit

Don’t miss out on an epic night with your friends. Dress up as Santa, Mrs. Claus or one of Santa’s little helpers and try out some new spots in Downtown Las Vegas. Sign up today!