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The 5 Drunkest States in the U.S.

Some states party harder than others. Our country’s relationship with alcohol has always been a bit of a roller coaster ride from prohibition to where we are now. With that said, some states might love it a bit more than others. As you’ve probably noticed while you were partying in Downtown Las Vegas, we’re a bit crazier than most. But what if we’re not the craziest? If so, where does Nevada rank on a list of drunkest states?

Top 5 Drunkest States

5. North Dakota

Sitting at the very tippy top of the country, this state is known as the home of William H. Macy and Frances McDormand in the movie Fargo. North Dakota is also one of the drunkest states in America. At number five, the impressive amount of alcohol consumed per capita is at 3.25 gallons. That’s annually, and it’s also a lot. That’s 1.57 gallons of beer, 1.32 gallons of liquor, and .35 gallons of wine!

4. Nevada

It’s no surprise to anyone that Nevada is on the list of drunkest states. If you talk about most alcohol friendly states, Nevada will likely be on the top of the list. This is what we’re famous for! The total amount of gallons we drink per capita is 3.32, with beer at 1.38, liquor at 1.28, and wine at 0.66. Is anyone surprised? No way.

3. Delaware

The very first colony to become a state, Delaware sure drinks a lot for how small it is. Rhode Island’s big brother out-does Nevada with only a fraction of the population. Let’s take a look at their drinking stats: They drink 1.75 gallons of hard liquor, 1.20 gallons of beer, and 0.72 gallons of wine, making a grand total of 3.69 gallons of alcohol per capita.

2. District of Columbia

Our country’s capital and home of our president, is actually surprisingly big on the booze. Although it isn’t technically a state, D.C. drinks more than most states. Coming in slightly more than Delaware, Washington D.C. drinks a total of 3.82 gallons, with 1.67 of that being spirits, 1.14 being beer, and 1.01 being wine—so far, the most amount of wine out of the others on this list.

1.  New Hampshire

“Live Free or Die Hard” is an excellent motto for a state that drinks more than any other of drunkest states on this list. Their grand total comes in at a staggering 4.72 gallons per capita—that’s 1.96 gallons of spirits, 1.88 gallons of beer, and 0.88 gallons of wine. Definitely booking New Hampshire as the next vacation spot!

No One Does it Like Las Vegas

Let’s be honest, Nevada has its reputation for a reason. While it’s on the list of states that drink the most and didn’t make number one, we know where the party is. Come catch a ride with Vegas Pub Crawler to some of the best DTLV bars and hot spots!