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4 Easy Steps to booking Your Downtown Las Vegas Pub Crawl

If you’ve been to Downtown Las Vegas, chances are you’ve seen our cycle pub making its way through the streets, loaded with people excited to hit the bars of DTLV. With music blasting and the cycle decked out, traveling around Downtown for a Las Vegas bar crawl is the ultimate way to get started drinking in Vegas and celebrating any occasion from a birthday, wedding or just a Thursday night. Best of all, booking with Vegas Pub Crawler is as easy as pie.

We understand if you feel a little jealous when you see the cycle ride by and you aren’t part of the fun. It’s easy to join in! Follow these four simple steps to book your Downtown Las Vegas Pub Crawl.  

Booking with Vegas Pub Crawler… What I Gotta Do?

Step 1: Gather your friends

Before booking with Vegas Pub Crawler, remember that a crawl is a social event. Las Vegas locals know how it is. So, gather up at least five other people to have a real party on the cycle. We truly believe the more, the merrier! Our Vegas pub cycle holds up to 15 people so that nobody will feel left out.

Step 2: Pick a date

We understand that living in Las Vegas means not everyone will have the traditional 9-f schedule. To accommodate this, we offer tours seven days a week between 12 pm and 2 am, so you can find a time that works best for everyone.

When you’re looking for things to do Las Vegas, head to our website and use our calendar to book your pub crawl. Weekends get pretty busy around here, so reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Step 3: Tell us your favorite spots

You have the freedom to decide where you would like to explore for your DTLV pub crawl. If there’s somewhere special, you’d like to go (such as the first bar in Las Vegas, Atomic Liquors) let us know your pub bucket list and we’ll make it happen.

If you’re from out of town or are unaware of the many bars and restaurants that call DTLV home, don’t worry. Give us a call, and we can help you out! We know all the hot spots of DTLV and can provide you with top-notch suggestions. We can also tell you the best drinks to order in Las Vegas.

Step 4: Hit the streets of DTLV

Once you’ve locked in your friend’s RSVP’s and picked the date and the places you’d like to visit, all you need to do is show up for you DTLV bar crawl! Make your way to 201 N 3rd Street in the downtown area. You can then load up the pub cycle, plug in your music, and hit the streets of DTLV.

Now that you know how to book with the Vegas Pub Crawler, what are you waiting for?

Book Your Vegas Pub Crawl Today!

Check our Vegas Pub Crawler availability, compare schedules with your friends, and book a crawl! Let us do all the work to make your night a memorable one. Our guides are already looking forward to throwing a party with you!