Picture of downtown Las Vegas during the day, big signs, looking in on fremont street.

10 Unique Things to do in Downtown Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? So why not go all out? There are tons of unusual things to see like the huge fire breathing praying mantis or Vegas Vic; you can even take a picture with a million dollars. While those things seem fun, check out the list of wildly unique attractions we have put together for you.

Things to do in Downtown Las Vegas

While you are visiting Las Vegas, or live here, there are a lot of things to see and do. Most people like walking The Strip, but that can get overwhelming because there are so many casinos. Downtown Las Vegas is smaller and more personal. It’s like that mile-long street in a small town that feels like home. Downtown Las Vegas can make your experience more entertaining and personal. 

Fremont Street Experience

Probably the most well-known street downtown is Fremont Street. On Fremont Street, you will find the Viva Vision light show – played on the world’s most massive overhead video screen. A variety of light shows play continuously on the 550,000-watt screen along with its concert-quality sound. Over 22 million people watch the Viva Vision light show a year; you don’t want to miss this?

You can get a closer look at the Viva Vision light show by taking a ride on the SlotZilla zip line! There are two ways to fly; on our seven-story high zipline or our 11 story high zoomline. On the zipline, you will be seated, and your flight will last two blocks; on the zoomline you fly superhero style for five blocks. Choose how you want to fly for the ultimate experience!

Neon Museum

The Neon Museum was founded in 1996 and houses all of Vegas’s old neon signs. The museum also includes original blueprints and photographs. Inside the museum, you will find the neon boneyard, the retirement home for all the classic signs and marquees of Vegas past. The boneyard has more than 200 original signs that come to life at night. At sunset, the signs are illuminated and show their true beauty. 

Downtown Container Park

The container park is Vegas’s premier shopping destination that also has an elite selection of restaurants, and is all composed of repurposed shipping containers! There are over ten different food venues from you to choose from, so let your taste buds run wild! Inside the park, you will find The Dome. The Dome is an immersive 4K visual entertainment experience. Fourteen million pixels surround you in an ultra-HD, 360-degree dome. You will be seated comfortably in a recliner and get to submerge yourself into a movie or concert. 

Axehole Vegas

Get axe-cited because this is your chance to let out all that energy! Axehole Vegas is the only licensed axe throwing venue in Las Vegas. But wait, there’s more, you can also throw spears, ninja stars, tomahawks, shovels and more! 

You can also unwind by having a glass of wine or beer. There is no experience needed to start throwing. There are professional trainers on-site and different games to play! Anyone seven and up is welcome!

Banger Brewing Tour

Have a chance to tour Las Vegas’s Banger Brewery! Learn how we brew our craft beers and the fresh ingredients we use! At the end of the tour, enjoy a flight of four of our signature beers. Our patio is dog-friendly, and we love it when you bring them along! We also designed our food menu to pair perfectly with our brews!

The Mob Museum

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in the mob, but don’t want to join because it’s too risky? No problem! At the Mob Museum, you can experience an authentic view of organized crime. Explore real stories and walk through actual events from mob history. Inside the museum, you can also find a speakeasy and distillery! There are also firearm training simulators and an actual crime lab! It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

Bin 702

Bin 702 was voted “Best Happy Hour” in the Container Park! It opened in 2013 and is composed of two shipping containers. They serve only the finest cheeses and prime selection of beers and wines. Their daily happy hour runs from 3 pm – 6 pm and has prices that will knock your socks off! Have you ever drank inside of a shipping container?

Heart Attack Grill

The Heart Attack Grill is a burger place downtown. They make it a point to serve food that is high in fat, sugar, and cholesterol. The waitresses are dressed up as nurses, and instead of taking your order, they write down your “prescription.” You, as a “patient” will be asked to wear a hospital gown over your clothes along with a wristband. There are consequences; if you don’t finish all your food, you will receive a paddling by one of the nurses! Fitting along with the theme, patrons weighing over 350 pounds can eat free!

Commonwealth Bar

This bar brings an upscale, stylish social scene to Downtown. Commonwealth features art and architectural influences inspired by the pre-prohibition era. Not only can you drink and socialize downstairs, but there is also a rooftop bar! The rooftop bar is also a perfect spot to dance! If you’re ready to experience a new side to Downtown, come into Commonwealth!

Experience Vegas Pub Crawler

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